Shirani is a passionate yoga teacher and a long time practitioner who has recently gained teacher training qualifications from the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga in Dharamshala India and from the Australian College of Classical Yoga. She also has Diplomas in Naturopathy and Reiki Healing.
She has a vested interest in spreading yoga and its benefits to any person who might be interested in this ancient art.
Her ashram in Woolamai attempts to bring to the Western world the simplicity and beauty of life when one can practice non attachment in this material and physical world.

Services offered at the centre:
    • Yoga – from Beginners to intermediate and advanced students

    • Styles of Yoga on offer:
        1. Restorative
        2. Seniors
        3. Hatha Yoga
        4. Chakra Cleansing
        5. General alignment

    • Other areas associated with yoga:
        1. Pranayama
        2. Kriyas ( Cleansing Techniques)
        3. Fasting
        4. Jala Netti
        5. Practices of Chakra awakening ( including psychology)
        6. Yoga Nidra
        7. Diet
        8. Meditation

    • Yoga for Ailments:
        Asanas to help people who suffer from various diseases to at least live with
        the ailment comfortably.
    • Fees: see the pricing guide on the website.
      Groups and Corporations are advised to contact Shirani for group package deals.